Restructured and Ready

Acumen Energy is excited to start a new chapter of our business in 2017. After some internal changes and hiring of new management, we’ve restructured our business model to focus on energy use conservation and alternative energies.

Despite whether you believe climate change is real or not, the truth is we should be conserving our resources. That is what we do as humans,┬áis optimize our lives. We wanted to go faster so we replaced horses with the engine. We didn’t add more horses. Just like this example, it’s time for the energy community to realize how fundamentally important it is for us to be conserving and revising our energy strategies.

Electricity will likely be around forever for modern society so why shouldn’t we? Simple changes to conserve both energy and our planetary well-being is Acumen’s position. No longer should pollution-heavy coal be our primary source of energy with a number of alternative fuels available and many being created with biofuels. We live for today but we build for tomorrow.

Acumen Energy – Energy United for a better tomorrow.